Monday, September 27, 2010

eBooks, Publishers, & Royalties, OH MY!

I take it everyone's had a chance to read JA Konrath's posting on The Acquisitions Editor?  If not, I'm leaving a link for you to check it out. It was also posted on the GLA blog as well, and in short, is a little bit of dialogue between an author and an acquisitions editor.

I had to laugh while I was reading it. I gotta say it makes perfect sense. All that jazz on retaining rights on your own book and keeping a larger percent of the royalties--it' pure logic. So why are so many of us still scared to do it on our own?? I know I've been hesitant because I worry my work is not polished enough to be out there yet. I want to come off as very professional, and having the stamp of approval from a traditional publisher is very reassuring.

But a writer friend of mine (thank you, Florence) pointed out one day--why not get some of your work out there while you're working on newer stuff? Hmm.... excellent point! Why not? What could it hurt? Well, maybe your credibility as a decent author if you're work is still in need of a lot of TLC..... But say you've had ten different betas critique your work and line edit and help you get your story where it needs to be. Say you feel you've done all you can, queried to no avail, and are ready to move on? I think uploading your book to Amazon and Barnes & Noble's is a stellar idea.

What could it hurt? It costs you nothing and you keep like %90 of the royalties. Of course, you have to have a reasonably low price for your eBook as a no-name author, but still... with keeping most of the profits, it's hopeful. JA Konrath has enjoyed a huge success with his $2.99 eBooks. He's got a much bigger name, but he started from scratch.

Just something to think about. After giving my latest ms a makeover, I'm going to resubmit another round of queries and if I don't have any luck, I may do just that. I have a friend who does cover graphics can create a eBook cover (if anyone needs a referral, please let me know and I'll send you his way) and at least that way my work would be out there instead of sleeping on my harddrive. You never know .... there's been many successful self-pub books (The Shack, Eragon, etc.) and at least you'd be proactive in your writing career.

What are your thoughts on eBooks and self-pub? Ever consider trying it while you seek out an agent?

Here's the link to Konrath's blog if you missed it:

Also, it's the BIG monthly chat kickoff on WriteOnCon tonight!! It sounds awesome and there will be industry professionals available for questions. Remember, even if you don't write kidlit, you can still benefit from these chats as it involves all things writerly. :)

Also, if you haven't heard... there's a freaky-deaky Halloween Horror writing contest on Hannah Kincade's blog. What a great way to get in the spooky spirit--take a quick break from your WIP and try your hand at writing something scary!! Click on the link below. Entries due by Oct. 22 .... Muhahahahahaha ......


Mary said...

This is something I've been considering as well. I am still querying agents, and plan to give it a little longer, but the self publishing idea is tempting!

BTW- congrats on the book win!

Melissa said...

Well, before I really start considering self-publishing or anything of the sort I should probably finish my MS first. But, I get where your coming from, if my books are going to do nothing but gather dust... I may just publish on my own.

LTM said...

I'm still pretty opposed to self-publishing personally. The main reason is how easy it is to rush a book to "print" w/o proper vetting. Having worked as an editor for years, I've seen repeatedly how much better the process makes a work.

But I also think authors should be free to do as they wish! :o) <3

Catana/Sylvie Mac said...

I don't have the time to waste looking for an agent, hoping a publisher will accept my books, and then waiting for them to be published. ebooks all the way, thank you. There's no need to assume that epublishing automatically means rushing to "print" without the same careful editing and revising that print books get (theoretically, at least).

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

I think the options are multiplying for authors. I'm querying my MG book right now, but if it doesn't sell, I'm not sure if I'll turn to self-pub. At least right away. Then again, I'm getting bites on it (partials and fulls), so I figure it must be reasonably decent. And so much of publishing is random chance - hooking with the right agent/editor at the right time with the right gamble on whether it will sell big or not.

Much to ponder...

MT said...

I'm spooked by the self publishing route, but I'm still interested in hearing what others have to say about it. You bring up some very good points. Thanks for the link. :)

Florence said...

PK ... missed your blog for a few days and you go off on a tangent. Wow ... it's great.

I am not sure whether you turned me on over the '90's or with this but you are doing it good girl!

The decision is a personal one. Konrath has both arguments in triplicate and beyond. Read early Konrath and you find he hated the idea of selp-publishing.

Read him now and he advocates nothing but self-publishing via e-books. Smashwords and Lulu among the best ... direct to Amazon and away you go.

Remember PK, he also cautions ... without a fan base or an established readership ... what is the point?

To do or not to do becomes the question of this decade. Good luck with making the decision.

Again, love the new blog.