Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just a Night Blogger...

Hmm, ususally I don't post at night, but thought I'd give a shout out to the night time blogosphere. And a very special welcome to my new followers... So glad you're here! Some of my old followers just found me again, so thank you to you too!! <3

I attended my first WD webinar today with lit agent Mary Kole. I was first introduced to Mary through the awesome WriteOnCon and I just loved her passion and good common sense. So I thought since she was presenting it'd be a perfect op to check it out. Most of what she said I had already learned, however, there was also a great deal of other info that made my ears perk up. And even with the market info, and writing tips that I already knew, it's always good to be reminded.

Plus, she's doing a first 500 words crit on any current manuscript for those who attended the webinar. So I couldn't pass that up. I just wrote a brand new chapter 1 for Coffee & Donuts, so I'm anxious to learn how it reads. I think my old one was not clear enough on the inciting incident, so I hunkered down and tweaked... yeah, I dug deep.

I've also decided to change the name of it to FLOAT. That's right, I just gave it a total makeover. It feels good, I feel like I'm on the right path now. Mary said something today that I just loved: "Your first draft is a map for where you want your story to go." How true is that??? It simply guides us in the right direction, but we have to really get in there and extract the story once the first draft is done.

I've always thought of the first draft as the backbone of the story. Then, with repeated revisions, you go back in and add the brains and the heart until you've got a full body of art. It's hard to remember that when after you've just wrenched your brain and soul for the first draft, but it's so true. I've revised Coffee & Donuts so many times, and I STILL have a beta reader finding stuff wrong with it. (Thanks, Kat!) LOL! It's neverending. But just think, once we finally do get it right, it could be a masterpeice for all time .... yeah I know, dream on, PK. :) And don't worry, I will.

Anyway, Mary broke down the word counts for children's, MG, and YA stories, and emphasized what every story requires to be successful kid lit. She reiterated how every experience for a tween and/or teen is magnified intensely and our writing should reflect the larger than life feel of in the moment. I don't write only kid lit, but it's what originally got me into writing to begin with.

I'll come back with a full on break down of what she said once I get access to the powerpoint again. I'll take some notes and share the juicy tidbits with you. ;)

Tomorrow I'll be back bright and early to post on Compelling Characters for the Big Blog Experiment. Should be interesting to read all the different posts on this subject. Are you participating? I hope so. Let's share our knowledge and become better writers. Although, these days I'm beginning to feel more like a crafter than a writer. Anyone can write, but a good story takes more than that. It is indeed a craft.


E.J. Wesley said...

Can't wait to read about her feedback. So you'd recommend the webinars??? I've tossed around the idea of doing one, but have been reluctant to sign up.

Kathryn said...

My pleasure! It's just a fresh eye, right? I'm the same way - I've read my manuscript so often, and I still miss obvious things.

FLOAT, eh? Hmm... I like it!

Quinn said...

I can't wait to read your full break down of Mary Kole's webinar. I really wanted to sign up for this one, but wasn't able to.