Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Weekly SPOTLIGHT!

That's right! Happy Wednesday, we're halfway through the work week. Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you following my blog? I really do. So I decided to start a Wednesday routine where I blog about one of the blogs I follow. I spend a lot of time reading other people's blogs, and there are so many great things about them.

So, Wednesday, I dub thee... Bloggers Unite Weekly Spotlight! I'll introduce a blog I follow and tell you why.

This means you may see your own blog in the spotlight, since I follow all my followers as well. :)

Without further ado, I'd like to shine the spotlight today on: ELANA JOHNSON

Okay, so most of you already follow her blog, but if not, you should be. She is a published YA author. Her book, Possession, is due out next year. You can check out the cover on her blog. Anyway, I know not everyone writes YA, but it doesn't matter. Elana's blog is full of helpful writing info. She also has an eBook out called From the Query to the Call. You can download it right from her site and she's offering a free query critique with every purchase.

So she is kinda my hero right now. Not because she already has a book coming out, but because she works so hard to give back to the writing community. She's a founder of Query as well as WriteOnCon. She blogs on tips for blogging and making connections, as well as crafting the best novel you can. She's got a pretty cool experiment going on this Friday on Compelling Charaters. Check it out on her blog and sign up for it if you haven't already. That's what I'll be blogging about on Friday.

Anyway, Elana isn't just a lucky duck who has this great thing happening. She works really hard. It's apparent in her very honest blog posts. She takes time out to answer personal emails and visit other blogs as well.

So that's my weekly spotlight. Tune in next week and you never know.... could be YOUR blog in the spotlight. (Tweet Tweet) ;)

BTW: I had a great workout last night and I've been off the workout routine since I wrote my last ms. I also gained 10 pounds because of it. BUT I'm on a mission to lose them again, and I thought, I bet there's a lot of my fellow writers who'd like to get healthier. SO I'm making it a point to let you, my followers, know each Wednesday and Friday that I did, in fact, work out the night prior. If I don't obligate myself, then I won't stay at it. (My routine will be Tue and Wed nights)

You have my permission to let me have it if I don't mention that I worked out. Of course, I could be lying and say I worked out, but we won't go there... no need to be dishonest. :s

If you're like me and want to not only focus on writing, but also on exercise, why not join me? Add to your posts that you've been working out too. We'll help each other through it. :)

Happy Wednesday!


salarsenッ said...

This is an awesome idea. And yes, Elana is wonderful. Her hard work is so inspiring. She makes me want to keep plugging ahead. Love her.

Mary said...

Thanks for the blog link- I had never heard of Elana's site.

Good luck with the exercise-- I am doing the same thing-- let's encourage each other!

LTM said...

yay, Elana! She's supercool~ :o)

Summer Ross said...

great idea...Elana is a wonderful blogger and I'm happy she gets recognized for her hard work.

Florence said...

I must have been missing for days! Love the shirt with Jack. You both look perky and full bodied. And thanks for the link to Bookshelf Muse. Okay, I swim every morning where I live from May to Oct ...then I switch to my friend's pool because it's heated.

God, do I need to lose weight? Was that a rhetorical question?

Love the new blog, PK ... and love your new focus.

The dog it a hoot. Looks like a long, rangy tangle of mischief. We had a big/fat/happy yellow lab.

Anonymous said...

Elan's blog is great. I do need to go check out that Character thing though. Good luck with the gym- I just finished working out : )

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Elana is wonderful, I totally agree with you. :) Friday should be good fun...

We're just getting to know each other...but up until this summer I was a bit of a workout nut...2-3 hours a day M-F...Then my house was hit by a big hailstorm, then my dear cat died, then my house flooded twice...not the best summer, aye? I kind of forgot where the gym was....LOL! My house is almost back in I'll be back to the gym (and in shape hopefully) next week.

Keep up the good work, PK!

Elana Johnson said...

Oh, thank you! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You are too kind!!

And I so need to get back on some kind of weight-loss regimen. Good luck with yours.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Great choice in blogs. I follow Eleana too.

Another note. My husband's a retired firefighter. I'm happy to be following you now too. :)

Margo Kelly said...

Hmm! Great idea to spotlight other blogs! I like it, and I might copy it!

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm a big fan of Elana. I don't think there are many bloggers who work as hard and give back as much as her.

Maria McKenzie said...

Love your idea of spotlighting other blogs! I'm going to start following Elana's and add WriteOn and Query Tracker to the links on my blog!

Serena said...

what a brilliant idea! good choice Elana is fab! Thanks for follwing and signing up to the loctaion Blog fest, cant wait to see what you come up with!

Rachel Pudelek said...

Great idea!
Yes, I've gained weight since writing my first ms too :(. I'm with you, I need to work out! :)