Monday, October 25, 2010

Have You Seen My Crossover??

No, I'm not talking about my awesome roller skating skills.... I cut it up on the rink this past Friday with my book club. I crossed my leg right over the other with my smooth turns while doing the "bounce."  LOL! What fun it was! Next time I'm pimping myself out.... I mean WAY out with shiny jacket and neon pink wheels. It' all about the style, baby.

But no, I'm talking today about an uber-fantastic group of writers on Writer's Digest Community called YA/Crossover. We're of like minds since most of our MCs are eighteen years old and on the cusp of the YA genre. But we all feel it's a really important age for teens--a time when they're on the brink of full adulthood, but not quite ready for all the accountabilities that come with being a full fledged grown-up.

We just reached 100 members and we're celebrating with a simultaneous blog post today!!

Does this category fit your work? If so, click on the link above and join us in our writing endeavors. It's a great bunch of peeps who are always supportive and postive. Sometimes we share snippets of our work, our blogs, contests, etc.  Come check it out!

BTW I discovered this weekend a nifty little thing you can do to your Blogger blog to prevent that annoying word verification from coming up. You know what I'm talking about?? That thing that always makes you type in some funky word before you can comment on someone's blog?? We don't really need it. Spam doesn't really make it's way into writer's blogs. We're kind of a network all our own. So if you'd like to remove that (and I kindly suggest you do if you wanna make it super easy for others to comment) head up to your Settings and Comments, then disable your word verifiaction

Also, I was intrduced to this cool new application called Digby. Click on the link to learn how you can arrange all your social media into one platform for easy access. It looks really cool.

And as a reminder, if you haven't done so already, please click on the blue ribbon to your right and become a fan of the Facebook pro teen self-esteem page, F.L.O.A.T.

WriteOnCon's monthly chat tonight at 9pm EST.  Anything else going on I missed? So many contests I can't keep up with'em all. Hope your week is extra creative! How was your weekend??


LTM said...

YA crossover is a cool new genre I can't wait to see more of... I've got Susie Q's book and I"m just itching to start it... can't wait to hear more~

so your book club does outings? That's a great idea. Already my group's clamoring for more meetings! lol~

oh, and hate to tell ya, I get spammed CONSTANTLY... bluh. But Blogger spam-blocker's pretty good~ :o)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My new release is really close, but the sequel will definitely fall in the adult category.

Florence said...

Thanks for the info, especially for the "word"thingy. I'll have to work on that.

I think the great stuff being done in the YA category is wonderful for my grandchildren. Hey, don't laugh, they love to read ... so you guys write good stuff for them because my son is very particular about their "reading" lists.

Me? Afraid not. While I have no intention of writing "geezerlit" ... I am among 73.1 million baby boomers and we have enough genres to play with.

Keep up the work on C&D and thanks for another peak into the next generation of great reads :)

Quinn said...

Good to let people know about the word verification thing ... It gets annoying and makes commenting hard.

Pk Hrezo said...

@LTM Nt sure hwo Suzie Q is... have to check it out. Sorry bout the spam ... but thanks for letting me know, I'll have to change my settings if it becomes annoying.

@Alex I'm super excited to read yours, got it downloaded to my Kindle and ready to go.

@Florence The world can always use more awesome adult stories!

@Quinn Yeah, I was wondering how some blogs didn't have it. Now we know. Thanks to Roni Loren who tipped readers off on her guest blog the other day.

Trisha Leaver said...

I love that group. Wouldn't have survived the last couple of editing months without them!

Susan Antony said...

Great post! And, thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

Fab-o post PK! It's a great group for sure.

P.S. I changed my settings a while ago to get rid of that nasty word verification thingy. MUCH BETTER!

T. Romel Blossom said...

See there YA/Crossover is even helping Bloggers world wide. We're unstoppable. lol :)

T C Mckee said...

Awesome, you did so good. I bet we get to 200 in no time flat.

Martin Kozicki said...

Roller skating bit was hilarious. Well done. :)

Since I write PB's, the the YA/Crossover isn't up my alley, but I'll pass it on to my critique group. They all write YA.

Also, thanks for the tip about disabling word verification. Blogger already has a comment spam detector, so I suppose it IS a bit redundant to use the captcha text.

Regina said...

Awesome post. Yes, I turned off my word verification thing too. I know how hard it is to comment on every post let along having to type in a word every time so I tried to make it easier for my visitors. I hope it helps.