Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nanners, Start Your Creative Engines!

First off, a humongous thank you to Quinn over at Seeing, Dreaming, Writing for the lovely Irrisistable Blog Award. It's so purty! And I'm equally flattered. Check out his blog and his wicked cool Halloween fingernails if you haven't already.

Nanners, you ask? Yes, as in NaNoWriMo .... THE event that the writer blogosphere has been talking about for the past two months. In three days time writers around the globe will be hunkering down to pound out 50k words. I can feel the excitement. Okay, so it's kinda weird to anyone who isn't a writer. My hubby thinks I'm crazy that it even sounds fun to me. Must be a writer thing.

Last night I stumbled upon a blog that mentioned GMC. What is GMC?

Here's the basic formula:   Character wants Goal because Motivation but Conflict

If you can figure out that, you've got your logline and your hook. And probably a great first sentence for a query.

I spent a good while trying to come up with the GMC for my NaNo story. The logline was no prob. But the graph had me thinking away and really considering what my internal and external motivations and conficts are.
I've already got my chapter outline and character sketches and I'm ready to go. But when you have to break it down into this GMC formula, it can get a little tricky. It should be cut and dry, but I've got all these subplots tangling their way into the main plot thread.

I'm guessing if you can keep the GMC in mind while you're writing your first draft, you can keep yourself on track with the story and prevent too much deviations. I foresee going WAY over 50k words, but I love the numerical goal. Keeps it in line with something to work toward.

Anyway, here's the link to Adventures in Children's Publishing.  It's the must-read post on GMC, complete with graph that I recommend writers use for every future story. It applies to any writer, not just kid lit.

That's my bit of advice for my fellow Nanners as they fill up their coffee cups and rev their creative engines. What about you? Any last minute helpful tidbits to add (besides showering at least once a week?)

lay'em on me.... I'm ready to rock-n-roll!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Need to be sure mine fits that formula as well.

Regina said...

Thanks for the post and the link to the graph.

Summer Ross said...

I still have no clue what I'm going to start writing come Nov. 1 LOL- oh God- This could really suck.

Quinn said...

I'm not doing NaNo, but I love that my nails are getting shout-outs. Haha!

Quinn said...

Though, the nails are part of the reason that NaNo isn't feasible.

Anonymous said...

I'll be doing NaNo this year .... I finished 25,000 words and consider it a huge success. Shooting for 50,000 words this time. Best wishes to you and your book Sapphire. And thanks for stopping by today!

Stephen Tremp

Nicole Zoltack said...

Yay for nano! I can't wait.

Caitlin said...

Thanks for the advice! I'm starting to gear up *gulp* have outlined the spit out of my WIP, so... deep breaths. And good luck!! :D

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Whew, that GMC sounds so technical! Congrats for even keeping it in mind-I usually just wing it! :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog today and giving such a great comment. It made a grim day better. Don't be a stranger.

Melissa said...

Wow, that's a good way to look at it. I need to check and make sure all my stuff fits into that.

Are you excited for NaNo....I'm sort of starting to freak out.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Good luck, Pk and everyone participating. Have fun.