Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Spotlight

I just feel so fortunate to have made so many wonderful writer friends via the internet. There is such a network of support and motivation and ambition. Even though I may never actually meet some of you, It's just really great knowing you're there and we're on the same path (though all different in their own way.)

Wednesdays are the day I shine the spotlight on one of the blogs I follow and tell you why I follow them.

Today, the Oscar goes to .....

T. Romel Blossom's    My Blossoming Mind

T. Romel Blossom has this great thing going on with her blog. Every Thursday night she offers a live chat right from her blog. It gives writers a chance to discuss how we approach different areas of our writing. We have fun and it's so great to chat in a small group so that everyone has a chance to type and be heard (or should I say read.)

Last week we discussed the areas of YA age groups. This week the topic is synopses. (UGH!) I just finished revising mine (again.) So if you're interested in discussing this (hated) topic, drop by her blog tomorrow at 9pm EST. There's only room for 9 in the chat room but you can participate via Twitter if you're late.

T. Romel Blossom is a dedicated writer and her blog posts are focused on honing the craft. And how cool is it that we get to chat with her and make new friends from her blog chats. I've been there the last two weeks and learned something both times. Even if you aren't game for the live chats, I'm sure she'd appreciate the follow.

So what are you waiting for? Go check her out by clicking on the link (My Blossoming Mind) above. And if you can't join the chat tomorrow night, check back next week.

On a side note... is there a blog you just  love and want to make me aware of it? Chances are I'm following it already, but maybe I haven't heard of it. Please feel free to make suggestions. I don't wanna miss anything ... especially if it's a blog with great writing/market/ publishing advice. So you tell me... is there a blog you just love? Please share!


Alison Stevens said...

Thanks for spotlighting this. There are too many blogs for me to find them all on my own. I appreciate the help. :)

Quinn said...

I think the Thursday night chat thing is cool. I'll have to check it out :)

By the way, I've given you an award on my blog.

Kathryn said...

Very cool - I'll check her out! Love the spotlights you do (although, I might be biased... ;) ). Have you checked out Sara B. Larson's blog? I just love hers. Or Kirsten Hubbard's?

T. Romel Blossom said...

Thanks PK for the spotlight. I have so appreciated the kudos you and others have give my blog. Can't wait to chat tomorrow:)

Florence said...

Great post, PK and a very compelling blog from Blossom. What I love about reading yours and other blogs, is being introduced weekly to so many other interesting bloggers.

Keep up the good work.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Hmmm, blogger ate my comment???

Very nice idea, PK! I'm off to check out your friend....

Have a great rest of the week.