Friday, November 5, 2010

Confessions of a Blogoholic

Well this reduced blogging thing is becoming a drag ... I miss you, my lovelies ... I find myself longing to see my fellow blogger friends while I'm knee-deep in my WIP. Okay, okay ... I'm overdoing it ... lol ... but I do wish I had more time to spend visiting all your blogs. :(

Even so, I try to get a few in each day. Plus, I'm 10k words into my NaNo project so I'm definitely being productive.

Oh, and if you were kind enough to visit my last post on Weekly Spotlight where I discussed Jessica Morrell's writing guide and blog, you should know she stopped by here and read it for herself. And as if that wasn't cool enough, she also mentioned little ol insignificant me in her post and linked back to my blog. Total coolness.

On a separate note, I had a little idea for a series of posts and I'm calling it Confessions. Why, you ask? Just so you can get to know me better and I'm not boring you with posts on craft all the time.

So confession time! And to kick it off, I'll let you in on a deep, dark, dirty little secret about me .... Nah, I don't that would be unwise. (Sorry, I'm a total teaser.) But seriously, folks ... I do want to share little tidbits, so let's see .... um, okay ... yeah, this one'll do:

When I was a teen I used to watch that movie Romancing the Stone every night before going to sleep. I don't know why, really. I could recite it by heart and for some reason it just sent me off to dreamland within the first hour or so. Hmm...maybe that's why I wanted to be a writer. Maybe I saw a little of Joan Wilder in myself. Who knows! But if I grow up to be a successful novelist, I owe it all to that movie. Lol. No, not really. But it is ironic how it played such a part in my life.

(And yes, sometimes I make myself cry when reading my final drafts.) lol!

That's it. Just a little something to get the ball rolling. Now you can look forward to my confessionals so you can learn some other quirk. But hey, we all have them, don't we? Those little oddities that make us who we are.

Care to share any of yours? I'll show you mine if you show me yours .... let's get to know each other better, shall we? 


Melissa said...

I've never watched romancing the stone. My mom has and I saw about five minutes of it when it was on TV once... but I've never actually sat down and invested time in it. Would you recommend it?

I've never read my own final that weird?

Umm. Well, I grew up with Harry Potter. I started reading the series when I was nine and when I didn't get a Hogwarts letter on my eleventh birthday, I cried. ANd I was severely upset for weeks afterwards. It was really hard!

salarsenッ said...

Sweetie, you're already 10K into it!! Awesomesaucesome. You RAWK! I loved Romancing the Stone. Great flick. Honestly, I wasn't a fab reader growing up. I was a major flick freak. Loved movies!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, I'm missing my bloggy friends, but need to keep working - 6400 words now, so on target.
And a secret? Um... I want to look like Ryan Reynolds. Okay, what guy doesn't?

Trisha Leaver said...

Wow! 10K into NaNo -- Congrats. I am a little over 7,000 and plugging away. Hmm . . . a little secret . . . all right. When I was about 10, I found one of my mother's romance novels in her dresser drawer, learned everything I ever needed to know and then some in that book LOL!

Matthew Rush said...

I loved Romancing the Stone when I was a kid.

"Oh man! The Doobie Brothers broke up?"

Mary said...

I loved watching the Hallmark version of The Secret Garden. Whenever I was home sick from school in high school, that was my go to film to make me feel better.

Keep up the good work with NaNo!

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

I’ve never seen Romancing the Stone. Have I missed much?

When I was at school (many moons ago), we were asked to write a poem. I may have been able to make a reasonable attempt myself, but really, anything to do with school, I just couldn’t be bothered with at the time. So, I ended up using the lyrics to a song.

Fortunately my English teacher was so un-hip, she didn’t know any music more modern than Beethoven. And, I ended up getting a really good mark :)
The enigmatic, masked blogger

Pk Hrezo said...

@Melissa You sound younger than I thought. I love Harry Potter too!! Read the whole series in like three months and seen all the movies a hundered times!

@Sher Me too ... total flick freak. But I managed to squeeze in the books here and there.

@Alex LOL! Really? Ryan Reynolds? He doesn't really do anything for me. I'd take Jack T. Colten over him any day .... ;)

@Trish I totally believe it. I wonder how many other teens/kids can say the same. AT least you were reading, right?!

@Matthew That's such a great line... to go with an equally great band.... lol!

@Mary I don't think I've ever seen that one. BUt I love that about films .... the comfort aspect.

@Masked Blogger That is priceless! Early plaigerism... lol.

Thanks for sharing, everyone! :)

LTM said...

omg, it is so funny to watch RTS now that I've started trying to be a novelist...

I'm like you, though. Writing is such a solitary pursuit. Sometimes you need a little interaction from others who *know*. Bleeps are so perfect for that~ :o) <3

Elizabeth Mueller said...

I just LOVE to blog. It sucks me into -aholism! ;)

You're so cute. I really LOVE that movie, too. It's so sweeping and full of adventure--I love author movies! <3

A confession of mine? Well, ahem, let me see. Oh, this one is EMBARRASSING and I think about it all the time. *blushing*

This was back in college and I still didn't have to much experience with computers. A bunch of us students were at the computer lab, writing away for our essays, papers and what not. After I was done, and not wanting the chance of anyone stealing my stuff, I looked for the on/off switch to my individual computer.


When I couldn't find one, I looked under the table. AHA! There was one. I turned it on and off and then, realized my error. Doh! How humiliating. Guess what?

I had turned off the ENTIRE panel of computers surrounding me. Everyone's work was lost but mine because I had saved it already.

Ugh... I really hate thinking about that. But now that it's been made public, I can move on?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Romancing the Stone! I watch the opening scene when I'm about to do some writing, then I always find myself getting sucked into the movie.

Did you ever read the books? I have both Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile. Reading them makes the movie even better (isn't that always the case?)

Congrats on your 10,000.

Christi Corbett

N. R. Williams said...

I can understand why you watched that movie. Both heroine and love interest where strong characters who did the unexpected.
If you have time, come by, I posted about giveaways and contest today including my first ever contest.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Quinn said...

Never seen Romancing the Stone.

Let's see, something to confess about myself ...

Just last year, every night when I came home I would watch If Only (romantic comedy -- maybe not so funny though -- with Jennifer Love Hewitt). Part of that was I was bored and it was the only movie available for free on my Korean cable. But the other part of it was just that it was so sad and so sweet. I teared up every night at the same part of that movie (the end).

Okay, embarassing ... I'll slink off now ...

Regina said...

I have seen that movie more times that I can count also. Yes, she was an inspiration. I am so happy that you are progressing so well with your WIP for NaNo. Sweet!.

Embarrassing moment: I cry every time I watch Steel Magnolias. It gets me every time.

William Kendall said...

I'm William, and I'm a blogaholic.

"Hi, William!"

Let's see here, confessions, confessions, what to confess to.... no, that's no good, that's still being investigated. Hmm, what about that? No, no, no. Or the time I..?

Talei said...

Loved Romancing the Stone, and I also like those two in The War of the Roses?

Congrats on your 10k, keep going!! ;)

Confession, ooh too many. I love watching vampire flicks! And fairy tales - the cartoons like Beauty and the Beast, you see - its no wonder I love writing.

Have a lovely weekend! x

Pk Hrezo said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everyone's answers! THis was so much fun and you all made me laugh! Thanks, bleeps! XOXO

William Kendall said...

Okay. The bottom of the eighth in For Love Of The Game always gets me choked up.

T C Mckee said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here. It takes awhile to keep up with everybody. I need a faster computer. The hubby and me watch that movie every time it comes on HBO, we love it. But something I could confide about myself. Hum... I was a little weird, I think. Wait-I still am. Anyway, okay...this is really hard for me, so promise you won't laugh. For real...promise. Okay, here goes...I use to love the New Kids on the Block as a teen. Yep...there I said it. I even had posters of them plastered over every surface of my bedroom walls. *Sigh* I'm so glad that's out there now. Do you still look at me the same?

Rachael Harrie said...

10K, wow, congrats!!! Probably 15K now :)

I've seen Romancing the Stone a few times now, pretty funny :)