Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Creation Blogfest

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUMMER!!! * toots horn *

In honor of Summer Ross' 29th birthday, she's having a blogfest over at My Inner Fairy

This may be the easiest blogfest I've ever done. It involves only two sentences: the last sentence of a work from last year, and a first sentence of a brand new work currently brewing.

Here's my last sentence from my older story, The Mistake:

He slipped his hands in his pockets and strolled back to his Jeep, leaving Lindsey in a daze at the bayou park bench.

My next story I plan to write in a few months will be a YA fantasy. None of it is written yet, but if I were to take a stab at a first line, it'd go something like this:

I prefer video games over people any day.

Wow that was easy! If you'd like to read more, hop on over to blogfest HDQ at My Inner Fairy. There's about thirty entries--should be a good time (and quick too.) ;)

Tune into tomorrow for my Weekly Spotlight .... could be you!

January must be blogfest month. There's one everywhere I turn!! I've been thinking of ideas to have one next month. Anyone interested? If so, what would be fun? I was thinking of maybe a "Dear Teen Me" blogfest where bloggers post a letter to their teen self.  Or a story sales pitch one? Any thoughts??


Melissa said...

I like the video games over people sentence any day! It really is a brilliant sentence. Great job. I love this blogfest! So short and sweet.

Margo Benson said...

These are both great....the first is so complete and leaves me wanting to read what has gone before. The second....I think we all know someone like this!

Ellie said...

I'm echoing Margo's comments - the 'last' line has left me wanting to read the whole story. What has Lindsey been told? Great line.

The new 'first' line made me chuckle. I could name quite a few individuals who prefer the company of a video game to actual people!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Like the start of the new one!

Summer Ross said...

a letter to my teen self- LOL oh man, I'm not sure what i would say- but would be interesting. I loved your sentences! thank you fairy much for participating

Elena Solodow said...

I love the letter idea for a blgofest. I'm definitely in!

If you put your two sentences together, they go quite well besides the POV shift.

Liz Fichera said...

These two sentences go together perfectly! Clearly the guy is going to go play a video game. LOVE!

P.S. I love the idea of a "Dear Teen Me" blogfest. That is genius.

Nice to meet you!

Damyanti said...

Love your first line. Write that story!

Have a blogfest, by all means :)...Dear Teen Me sounds good, tho I hope it can be fictional!

Matthew Rush said...

Wow, great opening! I've already got a good feeling for the character of you narrator in one nice, neat little sentence. Well done.

Francine Howarth said...


Again, seen this before today: both sentences could be from same piece of work: his walking away and preference for video game to that of people! ;)


Jules said...

Wonderful sentences :) Most intriguing opening and I'll be tuning back in :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Dan said...

Love the second sentence. In eight words, you've painted a very clear picture of your MC.

kmckendry said...

I like the letter to my teen self idea. Sounds fun. Your beginning line says a lot with so few words. I want to read more about this gamer.

gideon 86 said...

I agree. Letter to teen self is really fun..

Very intriguing last sentence. You can feel the whole story in the mood of that sentence.

Video games over people. Teenagers will love it!


February Grace said...

Really like both lines but the last one really made me laugh! Brilliant.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad to have found yours. This is such a cool blogfest!


Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Your "first" line is a very promising opening. Happy writing.

Kindros said...

Lol, that sentence almost sums up my whole life. :) I do prefer playing with others more than alone though.

The Dear Teen Me sounds like a great idea. Might have to participate, although the letter would look more like, invest in this then get out at this day and other cheats, lol.

Florence said...

How strange is cyberspace. I found a blog from India and it linked to this blogfest. I wrote yo and Christi, since this is out of my element.

It sounded so intriguing I decided to enter a link and post the sentences in today's post.

I love both of you sentences, PK :)

You can have a good laugh on me when you get my email.

Margo Kelly said...

Love your sentences and I love the idea of a letter to self. Count me in!

Clarissa Draper said...

The sentences actually go together. That's great.

Elaine AM Smith said...

I think the Teen Self blogs are always interesting.

Great Blogfest post. Your opening sentence is full of angst and the ending just sizzles with her shock and disbelief. :)

Old Kitty said...


I'm just catching up with all those participating in the fab Summer's blogfest!

Last sentence - nice, neat and very final ending! The guy has said all he has to say and is leaving poor Lidnsey!!!

First sentence - I liked this - it's already begging the question "Why?!".

Take care

Julie Musil said...

What great first and last lines! It's been fun reading these today.

Danette said...

Hi! dropped by for the blogfest and enjoyed your sentences!

Donna Hole said...

Your first sentence made me smile :)

I like the feeling you leave the reader with in your last line. Sorta romantic and lingering.

Very nicely done.