Monday, February 28, 2011

Super 8 Debut Albums Bloghop

Here's a fun bloghop starting over at DiscConnected today. The idea is to list 8 albums that hit mega success on their debut. Doesn't always happen, but man, when it does, it just rocks.

On the flip side, sometimes that's the problem with being so successful right off the bat. They have their own awesomeness to compete with, and they don't always quite cut it. Gee, I hope I'm so unfortunate with my first novel. ;)

So here are mine:

My top 8 debut albums that just kicked butt. Not just a few songs, but every song from start to finish.

In no particular order....

1. Pearl Jam  -  Ten
2. Nine Inch Nails  -  Pretty Hate Machine
3. Tori Amos  -   Little Earthquakes
4. Ben Folds Five  -  Ben Folds Five
5. Janet Jackson -  Control
6. Guns & Roses  -  Appetite for Destruction
7. Coldplay -  Parachutes
8. Sublime  -  Sublime

And for extra credit, let me just add Michael Jackson's Off the Wall. 

Golly gee,  these bands are really swell. ;) I can listen to each of these albums from start to finish and love every single song.

Don't forget to check out the other entries and see if you agree.  Now, it's your turn. Which albums would you say hit superstar status with their debut album? Which ones could you listen to over and over?


M.J. Fifield said...

Some of my favorite albums are on this list (Tori Amos, Pearl Jam and Guns N' Roses especially). May we all experience even a fraction of the success that these groups/artists did.

Melissa said...

You have some awesome artists listed there!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I see we both selected G'n'R! Pearl Jam made a big splash with their first album as well.

Jules said...

Those are some great artists there. GnR, Janet, this hop looks fun, wishing now I'd signed up :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I love Guns and Roses but all in all a great list.


Trevor Peck said...

Very cool list indeed. The more lists I see, I begin to rethink everything! I also had GNR and Pearl Jam.

Margo Benson said...

A great list! There are lots of Guns N' Roses fans out there!

I also liked MJ'S Off The Wall and loved the pull-out album cover of him in a tuxedo, he looked so handsome.

Arlee Bird said...

A list with some absolute classics. I do like Cold Play, but they haven't become a part of my life like the albums I essentially grew up with. I guess I have 3 of your choices in my music collection.

Tossing It Out

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I was just thinking to myself, why didn't I put Nine Inch Nails on my list?? Your blog was the very next I visited, and there they were! I totally agree; they rocked their debut!

Great list, PK!!

Talei said...

Oh, without a doubt -love Guns and Roses, and Michael Jackson. FAB! ;-)

Colene Murphy said...

Oooh! Great list!!

Kindros said...

Great list. I don't keep up much with music. My taste changes so quickly too. Right now the only ones I can think of are both Flobots albums and any and all albums from Rise Against.

Halloweenman666 said...

HAHA I've said it on everyone else's posts but I wonder if GnR is NOT going to be on anyone's list? Love your list by the way!

El Vox said...

First posting for Michael Jackson's Off the Wall (that I've seen), which I agree, not only in its day was a great seller, but also a great album of songs. I've not heard all your selections, so I'll have to check out some of them. Good post.

DiscConnected said...


How could I have not at least considered Ben Folds Five?

Pearl Jam and G 'N' R were contenders for my list, and as you know, Tori Amos made it.

Thanks for participating!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thanks for the visit and comment also for joining my followers. I have returned the compliament, I see we both have 296 followers.
Also you're doing the A to Z, it was great last year.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Was 'OFF THE WALL' really Michael Jackson's debut solo album? Being so old, my memory ain't what it used to be (and never was!), but if so, that was one INCREDIBLE way to start a solo career.

I was never a Michael Jackson fan, but I can still appreciate the influence and success of a debut album of THAT magnitude!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Kelly said...

I love your list. And timely after I just saw Trent Reznor on the Oscars last night. I've been dancing to songs from Off the Wall on my Michael Jackson the Experience Wii game. It's so fun!
I knew the Pearl Jam album would make a few lists too!

Melissa Bradley said...

Sorry I missed this. I'd have included G-n-R as well. Appetite was a super album. And yeah, NIN and Pearl Jam would have been there too. Great list. :)

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, this is a fun blogfest... though usually I am oblivious of what first albums are versus later, but I approve wholeheartedly of your taste. Looks like you are in the same range I am for listening preferences (other than that whole Michael Jackson thing, but I forgive you)

DM said...

I've been in that soft romantic mood lately. I'd listen to Rod Stewart, over and over and over.

E.J. Wesley said...

I agree 110% with all 8 (+1)! Great albums, all.

I'm a massive Ben Folds fan, so it's always great to see him get some love. I've seen him concert so many times, and I come away a little more impressed each time. Little Earthquakes permanently altered my musical sensibilities, btw.

A couple of more recent stellar debuts I've heard are Zee Avi and Lissie. Both are definitely worth a listen/purchase.