Thursday, June 16, 2011


It's a BIG day for author and blogger extraordinaire, Elana Johnson! It's a day to party because her YA book, Possession, is on sale and there are all kinds of awesome giveaways. Click on pic above to go to the Resistance website and see a vlog from Elana herself.

Elana's been such a cool example of what hard work and a positive attitude can do for authors--aspiring and published. I've had the pleasure of reading her dystopian tale and it's outstanding. Excellent writing, fun voice, high stakes and super unique and imaginative world.

Haven't heard of or read Possession yet? No worries! There are plenty of opportunities to win copies:

  1. Twitter: There will be three prize packages to be won on twitter today. Tweet using the hashtag #POSSESSIONparty from 8:30 - 9:30 AM Mountain time (10:30 AM Eastern). Then again from 12 - 1 PM (2 PM Eastern). And once more from 5 - 6 PM (7 PM Eastern). 

The prizes for the twitter contests will include book and swag packages from the Elevensies, some Utah authors, and a dystopian package. Watch the #POSSESSIONparty thread for details.

2. Inside the Resistance fan site: There will be three prize packages to be won in the forums of the fan site. Each has it's own thread, and all you need to do is go over there and comment in the thread of the package you'd like to win. CLICK ON PIC ABOVE FOR THIS. 

Prizes include book and swag packages from the Bookanistas, the Elevensies, and a dystopian package. 

3. On Elana's blog: You can enter to win a POSSESSION package, with some Bookanista swag!

4. Simon & Schuster UStream live chat: Tonight at 7 PM Mountain (9 PM Eastern) here. You can log on and ask Elana questions or just chat! 

And even if YA dystopian is not your thing, check out everything that's going on and learn how you can promote your own book. Elana's networking skills are nothing less than impressive. 

Help support a fellow author and blogger and get a chance to win! Who could resist that???

Congrats, Elana! 


E.J. Wesley said...

Woohoo! That's a lot of cool stuff to be had. I've followed Elana's blog for a long time, and she's everything you said. Really looking forward to reading Possession!


Gina Blechman said...

Of course I'll support Elana! I'm so excited!

<3 Gina Blechman

Lizz said...

Totally awesome! I'm going to check it out right now!

Richard said...

It's nice to see new authors getting published in today's difficult publishing environment. Congratulations to Elana.

Old Kitty said...

Go Elana!! Take care

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Congrats and good luck Elana.


Susan Kane said...

Great to see a writer getting this opportunity! Good luck.

Jennifer Jackson said...

Awesome opportunities for us and the author. Good luck to her!

Jennifer Hillier said...

Yay Elana! I've learned so much about blogging from her - I'm thrilled for her success!

(and PK, I'd love to do an interview -

Arlee Bird said...

I keep hearing so many great things about Elana's book. And you are so right about her skills as a networker. She has been a big success on her blog.

Tossing It Out

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, PK,

I have been twittering like mad and was at Elana's blog throughout the day....

Such fun!

Jolene Perry said...

Elana is so super awesome. I was in my bookstore yesterday, way up in Alaska and her book was there, so exciting!

Pam Torres said...

It's hard not to be intimidated by Elana's social network. Then you learn how wonderfully accessible she is and down to earth. A great example for all of us to learn from. Go Elana!! We play "I spy possession" in our local bookstores. Fun!

M Pax said...

Congrats to Elana!

Anonymous said...

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