Monday, July 18, 2011

Save the Ta-Tas!

Hey, that's what he said! Ba-da-ching

I've asked the super smart and sweet Susan Kaye Quinn over to let you know more about her book and her quest to help save the ta-tas. In short, books and boobs. :)

Susan runs a very informative blog over at InkSpells. I've won two different critiques from Susan in the past and she is an amazing help. Check out her blog, and check out her book, Life, Liberty, and Pursuit,  and her Summer Breeze Anthology for a great cause!

Take it away, Susan ....

My publisher, Omnific Publishing, has partnered with the Save the Ta-Tas Foundation to release two Summer Lovin' Anthologies - Summer Breeze (young adult) and Summer Heat (adult). These romantic short stories will whisk you away on a sweet escape, and all proceeds will be donated to Save the Ta-Tas to support breast cancer research! 
WIN and WIN.

Here's my short fiction piece in the Summer Breeze collection:
Full Speed Ahead
When Teagan's Navy linguist boyfriend pulls extra duties a thousand miles away at the Great Lakes Naval Station, she suspects he's stepping out on her. Or worse, the Navy is acting like a demanding mistress again, something she can't compete with. But when a charity fashion show turns her suspicions upside down, she has to face whether she's cut out to be a Navy wife.

Full Speed Ahead is a light-hearted romantic read and a fun afterstory with the crew from Life, Liberty, and Pursuit, my first novel.

Summer Breeze includes stories from six other Omnific authors. You'll find "breezy" romantic reading in Carol Oates’ Irish mythical storytelling, Jennifer Lane’s sassy swimmer, and Hannah Downing’s second chance at first love. Nicki Elson spins a beautiful tale of remembered love, Killian McRae employs a modern twist with her technology-based romance, and Sarah Glover tells the story of best friends’ summer discovery.

Summer Heat offers steamy tales for adult readers. The Anthology website gives more information about both Summer Breeze and Summer Heat, available for a limited time through September 30th.

I'm so excited about the anthology and the Save the Ta-Ta's charity it supports, that I'm offering free hand-made bookmarks to anyone that purchase the Summer Breeze Anthology, in either e-book or paper book. These Life, Liberty, and Pursuit bookmarks have a small lifesaver attached, just like Eliza's charm in the story.

(This is as crafty as I get.)

Just email your purchase proof to, and I'll put a bookmark in the mail! Good while supplies last!

Buy Summer Breeze from Omnific Publishing $4.99 for e-book (PDF)
$6.99 for e-pack (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)
$14.99 for paperback
Thank you for BEING A LIFESAVER and supporting Save the Ta-Tas!

p.s. You can find Summer Breeze on Goodreads.

Awesome! Thank you , Susan! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your work and this important cause. What a bargain! A great read while doing something good.

Tell me, readers .... how have books and ta-tas been an influence in your life?? lol  (Keep it clean, please) ;)


welcome to my world of poetry said...

A good write up but unfortunately none of the pictures were showing, just blank spaces.


Old Kitty said...

I was going to say too that the pictures have not come up but yay for supporting breast cancer research!!! Wonderful!! Take care

Pk Hrezo said...

Sorry if pics aren't showing. Anyone else unable to see them? They show up fine for me on 2 diff computers.

GigglesandGuns said...

I clicked on them to see each -- otherwise no show.
Great write- up though.

Christa said...

What a great idea and great benefit! I love when writers come together to do great things. I look forward to reading both of these.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Love this idea. Great bookmarks. :D

Jennifer Jackson said...

Awesome cause. I hope it generates a lot of interest.

Alleged Author said...

My friend did R4L for the Save the Ta-tas Foundation. So glad to see more people getting into it!