Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Miscellaneous Uproar and Hero Checklist

First off, to my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving! It's my fave time of year and my fave holiday--a time to be thankful for all that we have. A time to give to those who don't have as much. And a time to cram in  those remaining chapters for your NaNoWriMo project!

How's it coming along? I'm still way behind, but with some unexpected turn of events this past week, I'm lucky if I get to write at all... so no worries. It's like I told a fellow writer the other day who was worried about her lack of word count... You know what happens if you lose NaNo? Nothing. Know what happens if you win? Nothing.

No big deal.

I'm chugging along with my WIP and really starting to get into the characters' brains now. It feels great... so sometimes I think maybe writing sporadically isn't so bad after all. The marinating of characters and plot is a very good thing. :)

Here are few items I've been keeping in mind from the hero checklist found in Blake Snyder's Save the Cat:

* Is your hero's goal clearly stated in the set up? Is it obvious? Make sure it's spoken aloud and/or reinstated in action
* Do clues of what to do next just come to your hero, or does he/she seek them out? If it all happens too easily, something's wrong. Destiny can't be handed to him/her. He/she must work for it every step.
* Everything your hero does has to spring from the burning desire to achieve the goal.
* Do other characters tell your hero what to do, or does you hero tell them? The others should be looking to your hero for answers, not the other way around. Make your hero active in the game.

Pretty basic stuff, but they're so easily forgotten sometimes. #guilty

There's a fun and easy De Ja Vu blogfest happening on Dec. 16 and all you have to do is repost one of your fave posts. I love no-brainers like these. Less work for the overworked. ;) Click on pic below to sign up or for more info.

I'm looking forward to spending time with family over the next few days. Also, I turn 38 on Black Friday, but I won't be out shopping ... I'll be at home with the loves of my life putting up the tree and decorating for the holidays. Busting out the holiday cheer !

I'll see you all back in a few days. And to each and every one of you who visits my blog and comments and shares, I'm so grateful to you and so glad to have found real friends in this vast corner of the universe called cyberspace. Thanks for including me in your lives.

What are you thankful for? Any big plans over the next few days? I love hearing from you ...


DL Hammons said...

I LOVE your description of marinating of characters and plot, because that's exactly they way I write once I create my initial outline. :)

And thank you for the mention of our blogfest. I'm going to be posting about it a couple more times before Dec. 16th because I believe this has the possibility of becoming EPIC. Like a ripple in the force, except with the blogosphere!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, PK! :)

Carole Anne Carr said...

Have a great Thanksgiving, PK, wish we had such a holiday. x

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! And Save the Cat was an awesome book. I have the latest one but haven't read it yet.

erica and christy said...

I don't Nano because it would drive me over the edge, but you're right - nothing really changes whether you win or lose as long as you keep working when you can! Good luck, happy Thanksgiving, and happy birthday! (and happy decorating!)

Richard said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving. Cyberspace has become my second home.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome checklist! I'm guilty of forgetting those things, too. Especially handing characters their destiny. Whoops.

Perhaps being behind for NaNo is half the fun. Good luck catching up, and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Happy Birthday and best to you on your manuscript. By the way, I like that picture of the computer dude.

fOIS In The City said...

Happy Birthday, PK ... Happy Turkey, holiday trim-the-tree time, stay at home and enjoy the kids-time, Oh, happy day!

How we find each other bumping around in cyber space is the best part of all of this :)

Old Kitty said...

Thank you for a great checklist on how to keep our heroes and heroines focused! The basic stuff is always the most important!

Is it your birthday!?!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yay!!

And Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a wonderful double celebration and enjoy!

Take care

Norma Beishir said...

Happy Birthday, PK!

Sarah Pearson said...

It took me about three weeks but I've come to the same conclusion about NaNo :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

E.R. King said...

Happy birthday, and Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be decorating my Christmas tree tomorrow, too. Have two wonderful days with your family!

Catherine Stine said...

I'm thankful that my boiler didn't catch fire when it overheated last week. I'll be thankful if my root vegetable casserole comes out okay today. I'm thankful that one of my sons is with us today, and the other called from Beijing, and we had an awesome conversation.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

We're spending time together and doing projects around the house. Getting stuff in order. Decluttering. Things like that. Staying off the roads as there are too many crazies driving around.

Paul Tobin said...

Happy Birthday, I hope your Thanksgiving was fun.

LTM said...

*snort* you are cracking me UP! :D What happens if you win, what happens if you don't ... nothing. ;p That's OK! The main thing is you've started and you'll finish.

Those excerpts from "Save the Cat" are SO right on. I swear. In the last few MSs I've edited, that's been what I've said over and over: What's the point? You've got to get this going right away. Don't dither around w/the reader or you'll lose him/her. We've got to have a goal.

Seriously. I've written that twice in the last month. But anywho! It sounds like you've got a handle on it.

Hope your holiday was divine~ :o) <3

Laila Knight said...

Happy Birthday!

It's wonderful to spend time with family. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and only one day to write myself. :) Life tends to interfere.

Thanks for the hero list. It was helpful.

Have a great one. :)

William Kendall said...

A belated Happy Birthday, PK! I hope it was a good one.

DM said...

I love the 'spring from the desire to achieve the goal' one. That's where the great story differs from a story.
PK, I am thankful for writer friends like you.