Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vi is for ...

Are yall getting sick of me yet? I feel like this month has been PK overkill. lol

You're probably feeling the same way with all this incessant blogging, but it's been so fun connecting with everyone.

And if you're sick of me, all I can say, is I'm sick of me too. Hee hee.

Only teasing.

Alright let's get this party started. Vivacious letter V.

V is for


And I've been pushing them at you all week. What makes a good villain? We've seen they need purpose, sympathetic credibility, and to believe they're doing the right thing. Add in some troubled backgrounds to explain their villainy, and of course, throw in a side of charisma to keep them intriguing.

From what I've gathered from your comments, readers and movie-goers LOVE to HATE great villains. And I'm no different. Many of my favorite characters ARE villains. They're so much fun to live vicariously through.

Speaking of villainous V characters, here's one of my faves:

                                                       photo credit


From Despicable Me, Vector ain't afraid to pull his squid guns on anyone. And he's willing to fight Gru til the end for the top villain spot. At my house, we very frequently call out,

"Squid launchers! Oh yeah!"

Vector fans unite!

Voldemort and the Volturi can take a backseat. Today's vector's day in the sun.

And your V setting of the day is

                                               photo credit


Europe has the best of them. This one here is in England. Just something about the small village life that makes a perfect story setting. What makes it even more enjoyable, is taking a village character and throwing him/her into a big city. Or vice versa. But in good storytelling, the story always begins in the main character's familiar world, before tossing them somewhere that, well, rocks their world.

I have a secret desire to take up home life in a quiet European village. England or France. Yep, I could do that quite easily.

And sharing two of the V pixies from Pixie Patrol today:

 Voxy Venom, the resident smartass fairy.


Vellame Velour, our fairy fashionista.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have you enjoyed this month of villains? What makes a great villain in your eyes? Ever lived in a quaint village? Are you sick of me yet? Share, share, share ...


Brandon Ax said...

I loved Despicable me. Can't wait for the next one.

Anonymous said...

Good post yes, English villages are very picturesque we have some not far from where I live.


J.L. Murphey said...

I don't know the character (Vector) from the movie, But Voledemort I know.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Oh yeah!
And the second Despicable Me comes out this summer.

Nick Wilford said...

That's one villain I didn't know. There's something fun about a great villain even if they're purely evil.

I stayed in a very small Yorkshire village at the weekend. Very pretty indeed - there's something about being removed from the hubbub and retreating into my writing that's quite appealing!

Zoe said...

ya gotta love a smartass fairy!

Al Diaz said...

YOur pixies rock, and so do your villain list. :D

C. Lee McKenzie said...

Vector is a great name for a villain! And, no. I'm not tired of you. I love your villainous posts.

C. Lee McKenzie said...

Vector is a great name for a villain! And, no. I'm not tired of you. I love your villainous posts.

Melissa Bradley said...

I LOVE Vector!! He's awesome. "Curse you tiny toilet!" LMAO I'd love to live in a little French or English village, too.

Andrew Leon said...

Vector was hilarious.

M.J. Fifield said...

Despicable Me was a great film. I loved Vector.

S.P. Bowers said...

I love Despicable Me.

I've driven through and visited a couple English villages, they really are that picturesque.

Mark Means said...

I just met you, so I can't get sick of you....

...yet! (hehe, j/k)

Vector was a great villain and more despicable then Gru...truly a feat to marvel at :)

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

No- not sick of you...never! I am loving all your posts and chatting with you through out this month!!! And i love your pixies- so darling ;) talk at you tomorrow-

William Kendall said...

Voldemort's the essential V villain!

Demitria said...

Despicable Me was a very cute movie :)

Maria Dunn said...

I have enjoyed my visit this month with all the villains, yes. Too much fun! God bless, Maria at Delight Directed Living

Heather M. Gardner said...

There not pa-JAM-as!

We say that all the time!


Elizabeth Seckman said...

I want to live in a Hobbit village. Now that looks like fun.

And no, we're not tired of you!