Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mid Week Medley

Hello my fine bloggy friends! We're finally getting some sunshine down here in the Sunshine State so I'm happy to report my post at the poolside has been restored. I knew you were concerned about whether or not I'd pull off that summer suntan, right? *wink wink* :p

I'm also still smack dab in the middle of Revision Purgatory, and haven't lost faith! Thanks for all your supportive comments last week. I'm moving along swimmingly. *splish splash*

Today I'm participating in the "Always Do the Thing that Scares You" Blogfest for Mila Ferrero and her new book, Spiral. 

                        Click on the picture to get to Mila's blog and find the rest of the entries (along with a contest.) 

I liked the sound of this fest, because I think fear assaults all of us in different ways, but standing in the face of it can make you feel more alive than you ever have. I'm talkin' full body buzz. I've never been one to be scared of heights or roller coasters or snakes. I was pretty much a daredevil adrenaline junkie my entire life. (seeing those same traits in my daughter already and it's a bit scary

But there is one thing that's always made me FREAK ... Dun Dun Dun ....

Interviews and formal presentations

Go figure. But that's why I'm a writer. I've always loathed selling myself verbally, which I'll have to overcome if I'm to sell my books, I know that. But that's a little different. I can sell my art. I'm passionate about that. But corporate America ??? Oh boy.

Before my daughter was born--almost seven years ago--I was climbing that corporate ladder. I trained classes all the time, sometimes in other parts of the world, and was looking to keep moving up with the company. But once I found myself a mother of two small children and decided to work from home, I changed. And I decided to pursue writing, which is something I've always wanted to do. 

Well, a couple months ago, an opportunity came up to get back into that old corporate position, but I had to present to a room full of corporate managers I'd never met before. 

I convinced myself I could do it. I wanted to try because I needed a change. But boy was I petrified. 

When I got to the hotel and saw that small room with a panel of superiors, all I could think was American Idol. This is like auditioning for American Idol. Only I wasn't showcasing my art--I was supposed to convince them I was enthusiastic about the company and be poised and articulate. 

I was ready to vomit. No joke. My entire body was a jumble of nerves. I hadn't done this in so long, and even though I had plenty of classroom experience, I wasn't going into a classroom--I was going in to be judged. 

I considered leaving. I mean, I REALLY considered bolting because I didn't know how I'd get a hold of my nerves. But the Big Guys and Gals had already seen me, and I worried how that would look too. Of course, the candidate who presented before me was one of  those people who always makes everyone laugh and is super witty. So that wasn't helping. Plus she was in there forever and I could hear the judges laughing and having a great time behind the closed door.

Talk about stress. Oy. 

I knew I couldn't compete with what they'd already seen. I didn't have it in me. I'm a writer now--used to spending hours alone on my laptop. But I stayed, faced my fear, and presented my material the best I could. I was so proud of myself for getting through it, I almost didn't even care if I got the position. And that felt great. 

I did not get the position, and the reason, was for my lack of enthusiasm. No big deal. It truly was a blessing in disguise since the position would've required lots of travel away from my family. But the important thing was, I did what I set out to do, and although I'd never put myself through that again, it does give me comfort to know I can and would only get better over time. 

Mila's book, Spiral, is a New Adult romance about facing fear. Click on the picture below to get to her blog and rafflecopter with a $50 gift card, and learn more about her book:

   Congrats to Mila! And also revealing her cover today, is S.K. Anthony  

                          "Strength is one thing, an unlimited source of power is quite another."

Learn more about this New Adult story on GoodReads and Facebook.  And find S.K. on her blog and wish her congratulations! 

Today's also the second Wednesday of the month, which means it's all about Indie Life!

And the two authors I featured above just happen to be Indie Authors. Kudos to them and their efforts. I love when writers take the reins and make their dreams come true on their own. Mila has a great post on her blog today about the fears of Indie Life, and I recently read a fantastic article on 10 self-pub tips if you are considering the Indie Life. Find that right here. And to get to Indie Life HDQ click on the picture above. 

Also, if you write for tweens or have a tween (that age before actual teen-dom) you may want to check out this brand new blog called Emblazon. They're all about celebrating tween literature, whether children, adults, or new writers. They go live today so check them out!

Hey, thanks so much for stopping by and putting up with my lengthy post. Was there a time when you faced your fear? How are you with interviews? Got any new releases to share? Tell me everything because I love reading your comments!! 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

But you did it! And without vomiting on the judges.

Karen Walker said...

Congratulations on facing that fear and doing it anyway. Yes, I have faced it. When I first started taking singing lessons 6 years ago, all I could do was look at my toes while singing. If I looked up and saw anyone looking at me, I froze and warbled off key. Now, I'm a bit of a ham and love every second of performing.

Rinelle Grey said...

Bravo to you for facing your fear. I so couldn't do that. That's one of the reasons I love indie publishing ebooks - no ebook signings!

S.K. Anthony said...

I have that fear too.... I feel like I'll freeze but luckily when the moment comes I'm able to overcome it. The fear never does leave me though o_0

Yay for you, you did it :D

Also, thanks for helping me share my cover!

T. Drecker said...

Good job in facing those fears. You are definitely a brave soul :)

shelly said...

Congrats on facing your fear. I'm sure you're proud of yourself now.

Hugs and chocolate,

Andrew Leon said...

Isn't it great that they evaluate how you would do in some job or position by evaluating something else completely? I think that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

I too have a fear, I have faced many over the years, flying, being on my own but I still have one fear to face. I think I will invest in that book sounds great.
Congrats for overcoming your fear,

Mark Koopmans said...

I think I would have split like an amoeba if I was in your shoes.

But, as they say in Dublin, "fair balls to you for not running out of the hotel, screaming :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I would have walked out of there knowing what I had to go against. No one could have topped that!

But way to go, PK, for being stronger than me. :D

Mila Ferrera said...

That is serious persistence, PK, and I like the way you defined success for yourself. Thanks so much for participating in the blogfest!

Natalie Aguirre said...

I'm an attorney but am nervous doing public speaking like at trials or my first Court of Appeals oral argument. Like petrified. But I had no choice. I had to do them. And it's true. I did what I set out to do.

Lexa Cain said...

It's wonderful that you faced your fear and didn't run away. I think things worked out for the best as you've already surmised.

Good luck with the revisions! :-)

cleemckenziebooks said...

Meeting readers scares me until I do it, then I'm okay. I settle down when I realize they aren't going to throw tomatoes at me.

Keep at those revisions!

Donna Hole said...

One reason I enjoy the blogs and writing is it is faceless. Someone is not staring directly me as I spew my opinions or thoughts. I like seeing all the faces on my blog (followers) as I write, but that's about as face-to-face as I like to get.

Weird, considering I interview people every day. I have my well rehearsed script I tell everyone to get me through though.

Congrats on getting through the presentation. At least you learned something about where you are in your life journey.


Beth said...

You did it though!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I need to check out this book and blogfest! I also have a fear of speaking in public, which you may find weird since I'm a teacher . . . but speaking in front of adults is a different story! But funny thing is, since I became an author, it's disappeared. Have no idea why . . . it's like God just took it away! Proud of you for going through with it *throws confetti*

Romance Reader said...

Yay! But you did it, which is what matters! Well done, you!


Cally Jackson said...

Well done on facing your fear, PK. Kudos! Fear is a wicked beast. As someone with a panic disorder (which thankfully isn't an issue right now), I know all too well that if you let fear dictate to you, your comfort zone will become narrower and narrower. Because of that, I'm a big fan of doing what scares you! :-)

Damyanti said...

Well done on going ahead and facing it-- once you facet out fear it tends to recede.

Cool blogfest, and great premise for the book!

michelle said...

Two great book covers!
And congrats on conquering your fear (which is a win in itself) and seizing the moment!
Writer In Transit

Nancy LaRonda Johnson said...

Good for your for sticking it out! Congrats! Writer’s Mark

Gina Gao said...

Congrats on facing your fear!

Theresa Milstein said...

I felt your fear. That would be a scary position to be in too. I've had panels of people interview me for teaching jobs. Never fun.

LD Masterson said...

Don't think I could have pulled that off. Kudos to you.

Cathrina Constantine said...

Public speaking is the pits!! Congrats on a job done and conquered!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I opted out of speaking at my alumni dinner. I didn't think me vomiting on the podium was a good way to sell books ;) Glad you pulled it off!

And glad to hear you're back at the pool.

Love those covers...VERY nice!

michelle said...

PK, when you have a moment, please pop over to my place, I have something there for you!
Writer In Transit

William Kendall said...

You stood up to that fear and took it on head on. Bravo!