Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Write Path is Here!!

Do you remember a couple of months ago we held a How I Found the Write Path blog hop where writers around the blogosphere could share letters to their newbie writer selves?

Well, it's here! And it's stupendous!

And it's FREE!!

We love free, and we love sharing advice to anyone trying to find their own Write Path. Over sixty writers have shared and are now published in this ebook. If you're one of them, grab the cover and links and share everywhere!Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc,

I can't tell you how excited I am about this book. There is seriously SO much great advice compiled in this baby. No matter what stage you're in of your writing, you will most definitely find something beneficial in this book. And most likely, you'll be nodding your head in agreement as you read. (I sure was!)
Please copy the below links and share:










Thank you so much to all who participated! And if you didn't, that's okay because you can still download the book and enjoy the read. 

By the way, the ranking on Amazon US is not too shabby at the moment:

        Someone else has a book coming out soon ...

        Shunned by her family back home, she followed her best friend to New York with aspirations to start over. Now broke and homeless with two guys vying for her affection, she realizes she made a colossal mistake. If she gives in to her desires, will she only be breaking the rule she set for herself, or will she also be proving she’s the disappointment her family sees her as?

        Coming next month! Add it to your GoodRead's shelf HERE

        Find Jennifer Ann on her blog HERE. And there's an amazing GIVEAWAY right HERE

        So tell me are you an author in The Write Path? Have you read the book yet? If you didn't participate, what's some advice you'd give a new writer?


        Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

        Already downloaded it and will plug it next Monday! Thanks for putting it together.

        Kyra Lennon said...

        I already got mine! I will try to remember to blog about it soon! :D

        Heather M. Gardner said...

        So awesome! I have mine and I'm telling the world!
        Thank you for all the work you did with Carrie Butler! Great job!


        William Kendall said...

        Very cool!

        Jennifer's cover is quite memorable!

        Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

        Congrats on the book. Going to get my copy right now.

        Elizabeth Seckman said...

        I got my copy!!

        Norma Beishir said...

        Got it! I'm behind on posting reviews, but I'll get there.

        Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

        Sounds like a good read.

        Elephant's Child said...

        Congratulations. And a big thank you to all writers. A very big thank you.

        Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

        on my tablet!

        Cheers...kudos for your compilation

        Leandra Wallace said...

        Such a neat things that you guys did! Writer's everywhere will really benefit from this.

        Murees Dupé said...

        Thank you for sharing about this book. It is really great. I just downloaded my copy.

        T. Drecker said...

        On my way to download it!

        Sarah Brentyn said...

        I'm off to get my copy! So excited this is out and looking forward to reading all the letters. A huge thank you to both you and Carrie for compiling these!

        Anonymous said...

        A great post wonderfully put together,

        SC Author said...

        AH this is awesome!!!!! The writing community just needed something like this; we're already so united, and now there's proof.

        Theresa Milstein said...

        How exciting! I'm in that anthology too. Must share!

        Denise Covey said...

        That's great Pk. I had to pay 96c on amazon. Not that I mind..Have added it to my post tomorrow.

        Lynda R Young said...

        That's so awesome!! Sharing the good news in today's post!

        Robyn Campbell said...

        I shared and blogged about it. Wrote a review too. But I couldn't find it on KOBO. It says it has been taken down. :( YaY!!!!!

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