Wednesday, November 5, 2014

IWSG- Wednesday

Happy November, everyone!

You may or may not have noticed I haven't been around the blogosphere as much lately. There are quite a few reasons that factor into this, but none of them are because I don't find value in the blogging world. On the contrary, I think that out of all the forms of social media out there, bloggers are the most supportive.

It's also the most time-consuming, and these days of epic projects I'm guilty of settling for the ease and convenience of Facebook group forums since I can access it on my iPhone from anywhere.

But the first Wednesday of every month is my favorite time to stop in and say hello.

For more details on the Insecure Writer's Support Group, click on the picture above to get to HQ. If you haven't already checked out the website, be sure to do that. It is chock full of so many resources and advice on how to make it in the writing/publishing world.

One of the most frequent questions I hear in the writer forums is what kind of editing one needs before indie publishing or submitting their story. Well back in the day, before the onslaught of indie pubbing and freelance editors, writers simply exchanged stories with each other and revised their stories based on feedback.

Nowadays, developmental editors are on the rise, and it's not uncommon for writers to jump in and hire one, forking over some serious cash in the process. It can get extremely expensive, and rightfully so, since it's an enormous undertaking. But I see so many newer writers assuming they need to pay this kind of cash to develop their stories, when the truth is, they haven't found worthy critique partners yet to help shape their stories beforehand, which allows the writer a necessary growth.

This is why I've started up Story Scientist. For an affordable flat rate, I'll put your story under the microscope and dissect it. Or, for even less of a flat rate, I'll observe the story as a whole and give you my best feedback.

I will help you determine the best type of editing your story needs--whether it be something we can fix together, or if you need further editing beyond what I can offer.

Note: this should not take the place of a proofread or copyedit.

But it will be a huge step in the right direction.

If you think you're ready to query but still feel your story is missing something, Story Scientist is for you.
If you're stacking up the rejections from agents or publishers but don't know why, Story Scientist is for you.
If you've got your heart set on self-publishing, but not sure which type of editor to hire, Story Scientist is for you.
Or if you simply don't have time to exchange a critique or beta read with another author but need the feedback on your own story, Story Scientist is for you.

My Qualifications:

I've been writing fiction for six years, blogging non-fiction for four. I've written seven novels, published three of them on my own. Signed with an agent for an earlier novel after a complete revise and resubmit. I've been exchanging and critiquing stories with other writers for five years. My long time critique partner is traditionally published. I've worked with seasoned authors, as well as brand new ones. I've attended various conferences and writer workshops, including intensive deep editing courses. I've served on first page panels for agent submissions.

Does any of that make me an expert? Not really. But it does give me a pretty solid idea of what works in a story and what doesn't. I love beta reading and critiquing because every time I do it, it adds to my skill set and helps me pinpoint areas for improvement in my own craft. The fact is, it takes a lot of time (time spent that is worth doing) and although helping other authors is my main goal, I have to account for that time with payment, or else it takes away from other potentially profitable projects.

That being said, I've made my rates affordable so as not to take advantage of my fellow writers and still going above and beyond to push your story and writing to its fullest potential. Check out my web page for more details and for a contact link. I will do a sample edit on your first five pages to make sure we are a good fit.

Full story dissection including all of the above with marginal manuscript notations and line edits:
$100 flat rate for stories 50K -60K words
$100 flat rate plus $2 per each additional page for stories over 60K words
OBSERVATION  opera,glasses
A full read through of your story and my feedback on your story as a whole in summary form. Does not include marginal manuscript notes or line edits.
$40 flat rate for stories 20K-50K words
$60 flat rate for stories 50K-70K words
$80 flat rate for stories 70K-80K words
$100 flat rate for stories 80K-100k words
Anything over 100K words will be the $100 flat rate plus $20 for each 20K words additional.
My blog here contains a number of posts on craft in the archives, as well as a list of writing guides on the Writers Bookshelf page, and a detailed page on How I Write.

NOTE: My services do not include literary grammatical edits. I believe a writer's voice should stay true to the narrator's style, and often that means minor grammatical errors which lend to a deeper point of view. I do not believe in tampering with this by correcting grammar. However, if sentence structure is off or basic grammar skills are looked over, I will note in the margin as a suggestion to correct.   

If you're feeling insecure about your writing, consider this service to help you figure out what you could be doing better. Not only do you get my honest, unbiased, and straightforward feedback, but I'll be available via email afterward for brainstorming. 

How can I take on this new project when I have so many already?? Yeah, I know, I'm a bit of a madwoman. But as I've mentioned, critiquing and beta reading helps me grow too, and reading is something every writer should be doing. 

On a side note, our Kickstarter project Mended by Love reached its goal!! Queena and her family are overjoyed. Thanks to all who shared and supported this endeavor. I can't wait for it to reach the world!

Thanks so much for stopping by! The Blogger Book Fair will be happening on the 10th, so please stop back by for that special event! 

If you're doing NaNo---I'm wishing you many creative vibes. I'm participating loosely. lol And I can't wait to share the non-fiction project I'm working on with another author. 

How about you? What are you up to?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's awesome, PK! We need to add that to the IWSG site under member services.

Hart Johnson said...

I hadn't noticed you not here much. Know why? I haven't been here much. Sounds like your and my blogging lives are extremely parallel, though my distraction has been the day job blues. I tend to trust my beta readers for developmental suggestions, but then I have a couple I trust and I do the same for them. I can totally see where someone newer to the process could use a service like this.

Carrie-Anne said...

That's a wonderful service you're offering. I hate the myth that you NEED to pay lots of money for an editor, or if you don't, you're not taking your writing very seriously.

Chrys Fey said...

Story Scientist sounds like a great service! Way to go, PK! And I hope you get many clients. :)

Norma Beishir said...

I haven't blogged as much lately, either. I have, however, been recommending How I Found the Write Path. Great book!

Anonymous said...

You are someone who is going to be a great help to writers with your venture. I wish you all the good luck and hope you get many replies.

Have a nice day.

Andrew Leon said...

Not to be dismissive of what you're doing, but I don't believe any new author should spend any money on anything, even editing. 99% of the time, that money is NOT coming back, so it's the equivalent of flushing your cash down the toilet. An author just starting out should only spend what s/he is making off of the writing.

Unless that person is independently wealthy or being supported by someone with tons of cash, then spend away.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

You always have the best ideas!

Elephant's Child said...

I am thrilled that Mended by Love reached its goal. And am really, really looking forward to reading it.

William Kendall said...

That is a good idea.

dolorah said...

An awesome service PK. Book editors are so expensive.

Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

Sounds like a cool endeavor! I just hope you won't be so swamped with other people's work that you don't get to your own.

pk hrezo said...

Thanks everyone!

Andrew, I agree that the best way for writers to learn is by doing the time and exchanging stories with other writers. So many now are jumping on the indie pub wagon tho after writing their first story, when they haven't polished their skills, and paying big bucks to an editor. Hopefully Story Scientist will be another option for many of them to see if they're really ready to take the leap.

Robin said...

Great idea! I bet you get lots of takers!

LD Masterson said...

Sounds like a great set of services. Hope it goes well for you.

Lexa Cain said...

Love your idea, PK! Plugging you & Story Scientist on my blog on Friday. ;)

James Phillips said...

Keep up the good work! come follow me!

My blog: Make It Up or Funny!

Michelle Wallace said...

It sounds like a great service PK!
Paying it forward while being compensated for it, and simultaneously adding to your skill set/improving your own craft... everybody emerges as a winner!

Crystal Collier said...

Way to go on opening your doors! I'll keep you in mind for when people are asking who to go to. I've debated going this route before, but my goodness, I barely have time to breathe as is. How do you do it?

Unleashing the Dreamworld

Crystal Collier said...

Way to go on opening your doors! I'll keep you in mind for when people are asking who to go to. I've debated going this route before, but my goodness, I barely have time to breathe as is. How do you do it?

Unleashing the Dreamworld

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David List said...

Hey PK. This sounds awesome. I'm bookmarking your new site.
Are there genres you specialize in? Are there genres you avoid?

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