Wednesday, March 4, 2015

IWSG - On Rejection ... and a special announcement!

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I've been thinking a lot about rejection lately, and how crushing it can be to our fragile egos. Rejection comes in so many ways-- from literary agents, to editors, to those who review our published work and don't jibe with it. It really does take a rhino-skin to keep moving forward.

What I was reminded of these past couple of months, is that rejection is not just for writers. We do not suffer a unique form of adversity because we choose this writer's path. Rejection is a reality for every artist, as well as professionals in the work place.

I've been declined positions before when interviewing in my corporate job. That's rejection. And in positions where I've been accepted, others were rejected. As an artist/craftsman, last month, I put in for two art shows I've never done before for PK's Pixies and was rejected by both. Had I not had so much experience with rejection through the query process, this may have led me to believe my art wasn't good enough.

It did disappoint me for a few days, but I pressed on, and did the art shows where I was accepted. Then something wonderful happened! Three other art markets either accepted my application, or invited me to be a part of one I'd never heard of. Had I given up, this never would've happened.

Writing is no different. Rejection is not exclusive to our art form. Everyone deals with it, and maybe not as much as we do, but rejection can come in so many forms.

It's something helpful to remember when we're wallowing in our writerly misery and wondering why we ever thought we could be successful at it.

Hope you have a wonderful writerly Wednesday!

On to my special announcement ...

Our amazing writers' community is sponsoring an auction of epic proportions! NA Alley will host this year's online auction event April 27-May 1 and all the funds raised will go to Queena. If you don't know who Queena is, she is the incredible young woman I'm writing a memoir about. At age 18 she was attacked while returning books to her local library. Beaten, raped, strangled, and left for dead, she suffered severe brain trauma and eventually went into a coma.

This year she'll celebrate her 25th birthday, but her years from 18-25 have been nothing like she'd planned. Every day is a struggle and accomplishment. She's blind, unable to speak, or care for herself. She requires round-the-clock care. But she's making strides every day! It costs over $70K a year for her medical expenses and therapy, and the family relies on donations and fundraisers to cover these costs.

We over at NA Alley are so excited to host this event and do something really nice for Queena and her family--something that they won't have to lift a finger for.

And we need YOUR help! We are accepting donations of any kind from authors and publishing professionals across the industry. We will take ebooks, signed paperbacks, audiobooks on CD, gift cards, book swag, publishing services such as editing, formatting, cover designs, etc., query and first page critiques.

Anything of value to a reader or writer is welcome. In return, we will be advertizing for you via our online auction. Bidders will see your name and/or logo, and/ or book cover when browsing the auction. This auction will be open internationally, so it will reach places that may never before have seen your book or service.

If you can donate, please leave me a comment with your email, or email me directly at  and please feel free to share this around the internet. Spread the word!

Help us show Queena lots of love, and that goodness always prevails over evil. Watch her latest video to learn more about her. Her family is so appreciative of any and all support, and they are good, honest, loving people.